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YELLOW compatible CANON PIXMA PRO 9000 Um sich auf dem Markt fur digitale Spiegelreflexkameras zu positionieren verfolgt Sony offenbar eine andere Strategie als die etablierten Hersteller

Nach dem kurzen Intermezzo der Alpha 100 und deren Ablosung durch die nahezu identische A 200 ist die 300er Serie wohl dazu gedacht, dem abitionierten Einsteiger nun auch mit langerer Typentreue praktikables Handwerkszeug zur Verfugung zu stellen. Zu wunschen ware ein langeres Marktleben der gelugenen Reihe, besonders der Alpha 350.

Was unterscheidet die Alpha 350 von den Platzhirschen von Canon und Nikon?

Zunachst bietet die Alpha haptisch einen weniger ansprechenden Eindruck. Mit Ausnahme des gummierten Griffuberzugs ist sie komplett aus glattem Kunststoff gefertigt und insbesondere die Abdeckung des Speicherkartenfaches und des Objektivgehauses wirken wenig wertig – beruhrt man etwa die Objektivhausung mit den Fingernageln der rechten Hand (und das geschieht unvermeidlich beim Fotografieren), klingt es hohl und billig. Anzunehmen naturlich, dass sie nicht aus dunnem Plastikprofil gefertigt wurde, es macht aber den Anschein – wie bei japanischen Autos der 1980er Jahre. Gleichzeitig liegt die Alpha gut ausbalanciert in der Hand und der gummierte Bereich lasst sich auch mit feuchten Handen sicher festhalten. Fazit: Anwendung einwandfrei – affektiver Eindruck etwas durftig.

Mehr wirkliche Nachteile kann man ernstlich nicht anfuhren.

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Panasonic 2D-3D conversion joins new VT20 TVs Panasonic has unveiled three new Plasma HD 3D TVs during its IFA press conference in Berlin today building on its current fleet of extra-dimensional VIERA VT20 devices with the inclusion of 42 and 46-inch models

The new Panasonic VIERA 42VT20 and 46VT20 join former 50 and 65-inch models of the full HD 3D TVs and will include the new NeoPDP upgrade offering higher power efficiency and improved image quality than previous editions.

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Your Place: No need to keep bulky, old hot-water heater Q: We are remodeling the kitchen in our 1893 house

We would like to have the space our hot-water radiator is taking up. It is 50 inches long by 25 inches high by 8 inches deep. What would be our alternatives? Would under-the-floor heat be enormously expensive? We do have some wall space planned that could accommodate the flat wall-hung-style radiator, but do you know anything about them? The kitchen is about 12 feet by 14 feet with 10 feet of ceiling height.

Have you heard any more on the tankless water heater? I remember reading your column, it was at least a year ago or more. I\’ve been thinking about replacing our 25-year-old, oil-burning furnace, which also supplies our hot water, with an efficient gas furnace and tankless heater, but my plumber insists that water doesn\’t get hot and they don\’t work well. I wondered if you had heard from any readers about it.

A: First question first. There is no need to live with the cast-iron monster inhabiting your kitchen. It predates modern technology by more than 100 years. Most people live with them because we – they – think they fit an old house.

Well, these are modern times, and there are alternatives. The Internet is full of very stylish ones that would fill the bill, although the pipes might need some retrofitting – nothing is ever easy and every situation is slightly different.

My plumber always said that radiator replacement is something best left to professionals, so talk with yours about what it might take to change it.

You might consider radiant-floor heating, but it would be expensive, unless you were taking the kitchen down to the studs and joists, which would make it slightly less expensive. I think replacing the radiator would be good enough.

Tankless or on-demand hot water? The people who have it swear by it, although a few swear at it, and I hear regularly from both. A neighbor has it, making it a part of a major addition and renovation, and he still has no complaints after two years.

Plumbers generally don\’t like on-demand. Whenever a consumer contacts me about tankless, four out of five times he or she starts \”my plumber doesn\’t think on-demand hot water works …\”

Frankly, pro and con are evenly split. The final decision, I guess, is up to you and the plumber.

Bedbug update. The National Pest Management Association sent me the results of a survey it conducted on American attitudes toward bedbugs.

They are against them. In fact, 77 percent are concerned and embarrassed by them.

I won\’t share the complete survey results with you. I will, however, share this:

\”Bedbugs are so reviled that people seem willing to do anything necessary to eradicate the pests,\” the association said.

More than half of pest control companies responding to the survey said 50 percent or more of their customers tried to treat their problem themselves before calling a professional.

These firms reported seeing many ineffective and potentially dangerous measures used by do-it-yourselfers, including ammonia, bleach, fire, smoke, kerosene, wasp spray, and bug bombs, as well as professional-use pesticides bought on the Internet.

As bedbug victims become more desperate, serious injury may result from such applications, especially among those who choose not to hire a professional, the association said, adding that \”these types of behaviors suggest an increasing need for public education on the subject.\”

Q: We live in a large West Mount Airy house that is 100 years old with a foundation of stone and mortar.

Despite replacing the gutters, and replacing the cracked terra cotta pipe that is part of the storm drain system, we are still getting water in the basement in heavy rains.

What type of contractor can give us an honest diagnosis of the problem and the need for regrading, instead of trying to sell us a dry basement package?
Propane Heater Wall
A: Readers who have successfully licked this common problem recommend landscaping contractors, since the problem has to be solved outside, not inside.

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